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Timely Tips from: Filmed By Bike

Looking for something fresh? Here's a timely guest post from Portland by Ayleen Crotty, Festival Director and Founder of FILMED BY BIKE.

Now is the perfect time to sink into the couch with a big bowl of popcorn!

The Filmed by Bike film festival features the world’s best bike movies. Thanks to support from Cleverhood and others, our festival is shown in 50 locations all over the world throughout the year to strengthen bike communities and help local organizations raise funds for their good work.

We have a deep archive of films spanning 18 years, so during this time of isolation we decided to dig into our collections and share movies with the global bike community. Every Saturday we host Bike Movie Nights to entertain and delight, and I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites with Cleverhood fans!

Burrito and The Lightning Bolt

When two friends with a deep love for riding BMX become housemates, they discover they also share a passion for motorcycles. So they strap their little bikes on their big bikes and head to the bike park for a day of turning tricks. 

This film has always been one of my favorites because the two main characters are strong women and talented riders. Their love for BMX shines through and it’s obvious they’re having so much fun together. The riders are cool, and this film is ultra cool.

Tracks of Planai

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it! This film is short - only one minute long - lush and poetic. Tina Lagler and Blaž Miklič of OSM films are a filmmaking duo from Slovenia. When they’re not working on commercial projects, they love to create passion pieces like this gorgeous one.

Flow Ride

I think we could all use a hearty laugh right about now, and Flow Ride by Mike Vogel is sure to do the trick. Mike is a Portland, Oregon-based filmmaker who creates films specifically with the Filmed by Bike audience in mind. He definitely knows how to make people laugh!

More Information

For more information on our Tour Program see our website. And if you don’t see your city on our tour schedule, get in touch to add it to the list!

Our online Bike Movie Nights are every Saturday, live on YouTube. You can buy tickets and watch the trailers here.

Ayleen Crotty Filmed by Bike

Ayleen Crotty is the Filmed by Bike founder and Festival Director. When she's not sorting through bike movies from around the world, she likes casually cruising her Portland neighborhood by bike with her little dog Otis at her side. She's says her happy place is a long day on a gravel trail deep in the woods, as far away from cars as possible.