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8 Unusual Gifts for the Winter Season

Happy holidays includes the time leading up to the holidays you know. Minimal stress and eager anticipation of parties and family gatherings are nice ideals to shoot for. In an effort to serve as helpful elves, we've compiled a list of unusual gift ideas for winter from our office.

1. Red Sweatshirt Hood: cozy enough for movie night and ready for town. Fits well under a rain cape (hint, hint). Nicely made in Fall River, Massachusetts (former Spindle City).

2. CleverSocks! Made with soft, durable Supima cotton. Made in North Carolina, a remarkable feat for feet.

3. A good knit hat: keep your clever nut warm. Also fits nicely under our hoods.

4. Industrial Shrimp Rain Boots: not fancy but waterproof and durable. High-performance and simple design. They're comfortable and stylish.

5. CleverTrench: the ultimate city slicker. Sharp-looking, seam-sealed, and comfortable. Featuring our distinctive 'electric' reflectivity. Made to last with local garment makers.

6. HotHands Body and Hand Super Warmer: 8 Hours of Heat Freshly Packed. Emmett here is always packing the "heat."

7. Cleverhood satchel: not only a lightweight versatile bag but made with a super reflective, waterproof Electric Houndstooth. On sale for the holidays. Save 20%!

8. Lucas' Paw Paw: super duper salve made from the paw paw fruit of Australia. It heals cracked hands, cold sores, chapped noses and lips, even dry puppy paws. Isaac and his dogs swear by this remedy. Smells nice too!