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Rhode Island Original Gift Ideas

Don't let the size of Rhode Island fool you. If creativity is inversely proportional to each state's total mileage like we've been trying to tell you, then it's easy to see why lil' Rhodey has so many innovative contributions. It all emanates from Providence -- the Creative Capital. While all these particular gifts are produced by friends and neighbors, they make the list because they're pretty special. The least we could do is to the share these ideas to ease everyone's holiday preparations and considerations.

David Allyn Ceramics

There’s an understated pleasure in having a nice personal mug. Here’s one from a talented designer in Providence that’s handmade, distinctive and microwave safe. It has a good feel in your hand, retains your beverages heat and works with cup holders. Best of all they’re all hand-painted or stenciled with images that ramp up to the provocative. Some favorites: Superwoman, Stevie Nicks and sexy wind power that’ll heat up your coffee.


Lotuff card holder

The way a Lotuff Leather good is cut gives it a special character. It's quality is quite tangible in your hand. This Rhode Island firm starts with dedicated tanners and an uncompromising approach to time and materials to create beautiful vegetable-tanned leather. The craftsmanship of these wallets is self-evident and they’ll last a generation or two.


Kitty Sweater by Pretty Snake 

this year the infamous kitty sweater has hit a new high. This jacquard knit is thick and luxurious and the kitties are purring. This is fun and artfully distinctive. It’s uniquely Pretty Snake -- proudly serving the Creative Capital with a legacy that stretches back to the Rhode Island School of Design and beyond. Check out the mens itty bitty bathing suits for that very special someone.

She-Weld Pie Pan

from Brooklyn this hand forged carbon-steel pan makes a crisp crust with a lovely irregular rippled edge. Beautiful crafted,  heirloom quality. These cast iron baking plates are perfect for all things baked, broiled. Marsha Trattner, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, makes the pans at her metalworking studio in Brooklyn, where she forges sculptures and other kitchen accessories.

Bootblack Mixers

Elevate your party quotient. This Rhode Island brand creates complex syrups, which are deeply layered with ingredient that are a balance of sweet, savory and citrus -- the combo that makes a cocktail great. Now you can create modern interpretations of classic cocktails & unique sodas with our complex syrups and your favorite spirit and/or seltzer. Whether working your shift, entertaining friends or having a quiet evening at home, end your day with Bootblack Brand created Complex Syrups which are deeply layered with ingredients that are a balance of sweet, savory and citrus—The holy trinity to creating a great cocktail.

Narragansett Beer

A Rhode Island classic, when in doubt bring a six pack. It’s very neighborly.

Granny Squibbs

Summer in a bottle, RI Iced Tea, year-round. Produced by a small team with big dreams and natural beverages that are exemplary in taste and freshness. Certified gluten free, kosher, and non GMO and available in three flavors: Sally’s Lemon, Mojito Lime and Charlie’s Cranberry. They’re a special part of the community.


Here's a little something for your consideration. A world-famous 'electric' rain cape with the fabulous reflective grid. Made with an attention to detail, waterproof, stylish and bike-ready. Use code SpeakRain for the holidays and enjoy 20% off! We're from Rhode Island you know.


Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Toothbrush

Here’s some ‘coal’ that will be welcome in any stocking. Actually, it’s activated Binchotan charcoal that’s been infused into every bristle of this cleverly designed toothbrush. Charcoal’s absorptive power helps to naturally deodorize your mouth and remove plaque while keeping the bristles clean between uses. Everyone will appreciate that fresh mouth of yours.  Consider this a wildcard. It's from Japan!