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The 9 Secrets to Fulfillment In the Electric Rain Cape Experience

Maintain space in your mind. Be one with the raindrops. That’s what we’re after — that mindful bliss when mind, body and rain are one. This is the Electric Rain Cape Experience — and its 9 hidden secrets to fulfillment.

Live deeply. Allow us to enlighten you — to the Electric Houndstooth — the classic cape from the Ocean State. As one Zen master said: “We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize.” Maintaining space in our minds allows the magic of the world to enter through our senses. Surely you have room in your mind for a rainy day.

1. Form

Consider the totality of this modern street cape grasshopper. That’s the togetherness of local garment workers, creative thinking and years’ of feedback from all over the world. This is a traditional garment, with proven versatility, and a number of advancements for the modern human.

Electric Houndstooth rain cape

2. Energy

What is the energy source? Well, that's you of course. But the striking reflective glow is achieved with 3M reflective thread interwoven into the waterproof houndstooth fabric. You can thank the cosmos for its generous abundance of photons.

Reflective Rain cape

3. Movement

Go with the flow. Walk, bike, wander in the rain. This classic cape is far more advanced than any umbrella you'll encounter. It's a reliable traveling companion and operates hands-free. It provides coverage for your backpacks and handbags. Hop on a bicycle and it slips through the rain. There are handy armholes with magnetic closures that snap shut with authority. This particular poncho is designed to get you through a rainy day on a higher plane.

poncho with arm holes

4. Mindfully designed

Consider the hood for a moment. It has 3 panels carefully sewn to offer a comfortable fit. There's a sturdy brim and it's optimized for peripheral vision. In the back is an elastic closure for adjustments. And people with bike helmets simply wear them on top of the hood. Let that soak in.

hooded poncho optimizedhooded rain cape

5. Breathe

The houndstooth rain poncho offers a distinctive style. Plus, it's waterproof of course, with breathable fabric qualities. Its naturally open bottom enhances flow.

waterproof houndstooth

6. Thumb Loops

Inside the hood, carefully sewn, and hidden to the uninitiated, are 2 sturdy elastic thumb loops. Enjoy these if you cycle.

poncho elastic thumb loops

7. Zippers

Zen is a way of being. It also is a state of mind. Zen involves dropping illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts. Rain falls from the sky. These zippers are waterproof.

poncho zippers

8. Dogs

Be mindful as a dog. Smell the petrichor, greet your friends with unbridled enthusiasm, and cherish each walk in the park like it's a new experience. And then consider if your dog might appreciate a nice Cleverpup coat while you're being so mindful.

cleverpup waterproof dog coat

9. Divine Providence

Now, you may be thinking of Providence as a manifestation of divine direction. Well, that's ok. But, technically speaking we're referring here to the Creative Capital, the Rhode Island city in the land of the Ocean State. It's just over on the East Side where the Electric Rain Capes are conceived by our empty minds. They're carefully cut and sewn by experienced garment workers and distributed to thoughtful pluviophiles all over the world.

cleverhood rain capes