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We Heard You: Here Are Rain Capes for Men with Beards

First, we’d like to point out that we created a stir recently when we introduced our latest rain garment. After more than six years, people thought of us as the international rain cape company. We’ve been building a strong case for the virtues of capes, proven by generations across the planet. The thing is the Clevertrench is not a cape.

Superheroes wear capes. No one can take that away from you. But, we are not suggesting that Batman switch to a nice jacket. The Internet is a big place and there’s room for everyone. Sure, our Clevertrench has sleeves. But it’s also carefully made for heavy precipitation. Rain is our forte. This is not like Kellogg's rolling out a line of deli meats.

Introducing the Beard Cape

But, we’re back baby! Not that we ever left. But, this new line of rain capes for the sharp-dressed man proves we’re committed. It’s long been said that Men Who Wear Capes are pretty cool. But what about their beards?

Analysis shows that big bushy beards can retain 100 mgs of moisture per cubic centimeter. Although that’s dependent on wind speed, relative humidity and pollution levels, no one wants to walk around with a soaking wet beard on their face. It’s not polite and its not cool.

Our new beard capes are made in nearby Fall River, Massachusetts (Spindle City) with attention to details. They’re waterproof and dependable. And bike-ready too, of course. Sturdy elastic ear loops and velcro trim tabs keep the cape secure. Magnetic closures at the lips keeps the drips out. No more dainty umbrellas for that beard.

Our Rhode Island Beard Capes are available in three styles: Fox Point brown corduroy, Weetamoe Camo, and the dramatic Electric Houndstooth with the reflective grid. If you have a beard, or are planning to grow one, consider a stylish beard cape. It may spruce up that love life of yours too. Rainy nights are not romantic if someone has to kiss that sopping wet thing, buddy.

Unisex with two size options. Retails for $49.99 (or 3 for $99). Shipping April 1, 2018. All day!