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Cleverhood is for Lovers

It’s not long now until Valentine’s Day.

Oh boy.

Like it or not, it’s time for that special day when that special someone is wondering just what special things you have in store for them. That’s pressure.

Don’t even think about the “But every day is Valentine’s with you, babe” approach.

You could buy a card but that’s only playing into the hands of those masterminds at the U.S. Greeting Card Association. Sure, there’s always food. Chocolates, cupcakes, breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner. Perhaps.

Flowers are the way the earth laughs, is a line I’ll let you use, which I stole from Emerson. A little poetry and a lovely bouquet has been known to do the trick.

Love is blind and lovers cannot see what petty follies they themselves commit. But that only get’s you so far. Believe me, if there’s going to be a second Valentine’s you better be on your toes.

I know you are sincere and ready for love. But that’s no assurance that your sweetheart will see it that way. That’s why, my fellow Valentino(a), I offer you this special offer.

Nothing says I LOVE YOU like a US made, bike-ready rain cape wrapped with a satin bow. It has magical virtues that will keep your love alive, including reflective thread. So, weigh your options wisely. But before you go, let me share this last bit of innuendo: Only you and your sweetheart will know what’s under that rain cape.  Isn’t that romantic?