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Rain Jackets: they’re not for everyone (or are they?)

We’ll get to the point. But first a quick evaluation:

It’s quahog season in the Ocean State and any resident may take a rake and collect a few for their personal enjoyment. No license necessary. However, the open clam flats in January, at the edge of the icy North Atlantic, will test a clammer’s resolve.

Do you dig?

Or do you opt for Mollycoddle’s Cozy Clam Shack with socially distanced seating and a warm bread pudding?

That tells us who might like our new Anorak waterproof shells designed for easy arm movement.

The correct answer: everyone. Because Mollycoddles’ dining is outside on the deck! Yay!!


Tried and tested, the Anoraks have the virtues of a well-made jacket with the thoughtful qualities of our rain capes. They’re easy to move in. Raglan cut sleeves make clam raking comfortable. They’re waterproof and seam-sealed with our signature adjustable hood. Put a bike helmet on top if you’d like.

Plus: There’s a warm muff pocket for your hands and an ample weather-protected pouch for your stuff.

They’re normally $119 but we’re having an introductory sale in the shop. We have 4 styles, including two ‘electrics.’ 

If you’re interested in further clamming adventures and an extra 10% off code for your troubles:

Email: Subj:  more clams