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Founder's Day Extravaganza!

Not to be missed! Incredible Bargains! Amaze your friends!

A Girl’s Journey: From Milan to Minsk

Dateline: January 22. It was mop-top and miniskirt time. And the birth of that little nugget of inspiration that would someday be Cleverhood.

Stomping through puddles in go-go rain boots, our intrepid founder set off for the school of hard raindrops. She sang in the showers and danced in the drizzles. She swelled with the sweet petrichor and weathered the broken promises of bent umbrellas. When she graduated she said: rain is best enjoyed.

Early Cleverhood prototypes included plastic shrink-wrap packaging, modified grill covers and carbon-fiber umbrella skeletons made in partnership with SpaceX (when they return our calls).

There was bike riding too. In different places under variable conditions. “Many wonderful bikeways in Amsterdam,” she noted in her diary, “but so few banana seats...yet!”

Providence, Rhode Island is home port. It’s the stormy n’oreasters that inspire us (except in the Beach Cape division where it’s fresh quahogs and sunny days). This may be the smallest US state, but that has nothing to do with the size of our founder’s big idea and our huge Founders Day Sale!*

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