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April Aphrodite

When we talk about April, everyone thinks we’re going to start talking about April showers again. But, it turns out that April has some real surprises in store for our readers. If you like the cosmos like we do, you will want to know everything. Besides, it’s our birthday month!

There’s one thing about April that you don’t see at first. Here’s a hint: April is named after Aphrodite. She’s the one and only Greek goddess of love, lust, passion, beauty. Sex is in the air. Birds, bees, etc. Just watch out.

Speaking of celestial merriment, there’s a total solar eclipse passing close to town on April 8. The moon will cover 90.9% of the sun here in Providence. It will be dark. Might be scary if it’s a surprise. Hope you’ve heard about it.

If you haven’t heard, we’ve just finished making 1,000 Solar Eclipse deluxe edition rain capes with viewing goggles. They’re all waterproof and radiation proof. Available on April 1. All day!

According to NASA: You need clear skies to have the full eclipse experience, with a clear view of the Sun and Moon. However, the eerie daytime darkness associated with eclipses is still noticeable with cloud cover.

Save some awe for Bicycle Day! On April 19 we honor the first international LSD trip by the delightfully droll Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, who rode home from the lab on his bicycle in 1943. Imagine the fun!

Also this month, in a triumph of positive thinking, dear Iceland will celebrate the beginning of summer on April 25, which happens to fall on National High Five Day in the US. Coincidentally, did we mention it’s our birthday month? Twelve years and counting.

Plus it’s grilled cheese month!