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2024 Philly Bike Expo

Ah, Philadelphia, the city that serves a faded cobblestone history with a schmear of local color, on everything. For a pedal-powered person around this town, what’s not to love, brother?

To wit (obligatory cheesesteak nod), Philly is the mural capital of the world, home of the oldest inhabited road in America, our nation’s first brewery…and also that fraud Betsy Ross.

With Philly offering the nation's first pavement to pedal, the first beers to pound, and the most art to marinate on while you cruise along, why not try your first rain cape here, too?

As anticipation spins up for the 2024 Philly Bike Expo, we hope to meet you at the Cleverhood booth! 

Founding Innovation

Renowned for clever designs of performance outerwear, Cleverhood’s space at the 2024 Philly Bike Expo promises to be a must-stop for anyone serious about cycling as a way of life. 

From state-of-the-art waterproof wear to reflective urban cycling capes, Cleverhood’s designs seamlessly blend form and function, setting a new standard for livable cities and daily outwear.

When is the 2024 Philly Bike Expo?

Join Cleverhood at Booth 2803 March 16 & 17 at the Philadelphia Convention Center at 1101 Arch St.

You’ll enjoy seminars, workshops, craftsman product demonstrations, cycling skills classes, and even test rides from over 160 different vendors and innovators in the cycling community, weaving a vibrant tapestry of enthusiasts and pedal-powered joy.

Sustainability as a priority

Beyond a commitment to innovation, we place a strong emphasis on sustainability.

At the 2024 Philly Bike Expo, attendees can expect to see our eco-friendly materials and performance production processes on full display. Through the use of contemporary fabrics and water-free sealings, we demonstrate our dedication to outwitting the weather.

We believe in supporting sustainable streets and encouraging the infrastructure of livable cities through a passion for micro-mobility, fostering a community of environmentally-conscious cyclists.

Cleverhood Rain Cape on bike

Rover Rain Cape

At the expo we’ll be featuring our Rover Rain Cape

The Rover Rain Cape is one clever tool needed for your urbanite routines. Super-power your way through any type of day. The Rover Rain Cape is designed to show everyone the rain won’t stop you. 

Cleverhood Rover Rain Cape

Why try the Rover in Philly?

Here, rain showers can be as unpredictable as the traffic. This cape is an easy on-and-off item and packs up simply. Just put your head through the head hole and you are off. Plus, capes are fun. 

Rain Cape for Philadelphia Weather

All Cleverhood designs allow for air circulation and maximum coverage for you AND all your gear (backpack, messenger, grocery bags…).

On the inside of the cape you will find strong elastic thumb loops in the front and an interior back belt loop that keeps it secure when biking. The tent effect created gives great coverage and increased air flow so you arrive dry inside and out.  

Pedal clever, Philly

Cleverhood’s support of this year’s Philly Bike Expo reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. 

Cleverhood remains at the forefront of the industry, inspiring daily cyclists and enthusiasts alike.

This year, explore and roam, dry and happy. 

Get your tickets for the 2024 Philly Bike Expo here

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