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Introducing the Dynamic Hat Cape

Today, just in time, we’re proud to introduce our new Dynamic Hat Cape (DHC). Designed for the vagaries of Spring, this new rain cape is designed to be worn as a stylish hat when the sun is out. The transformative hat/poncho features a polymordial fabric that is neatly, and easily, compressed into the headgear. With its easy-touch deployment mechanism, the DHC is fully released at the first sign of rain drops.

The Cleverhood hat cape features strong, lightweight carbon fiber stitching and aircraft-grade grommets. Deployment is triggered by a nylon ripcord and two CO2 cartridges with a fidlock buckle to prevent errant cape dispersion. The hat is fully adjustable with a wide kevlar brim.

Spring is a very difficult month. Statistically it’s when most people lose their rainwear. Now when the April Showers take a break folks can just fold their rain capes into their hat pod and enjoy their day with confidence.

Look for a demonstration of our new Dynamic Hat Cape at the Rhode Island Capitol Rotunda from a comfortable social distance later today.