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Socks for Sparks of Inspiration

We’re stuck in…an apartment, house, room, rut…we could use a spark of inspiration.

In return, we’ll award one pair of astonishingly soft socks to the best spark. Every day! Socks for Succor the whole week. Consider them support socks, if you will.

It's easy to play with us

Just look around, wherever you are, and send us a pic of something smart and nicely designed. Big or small, natural, imagined or manufactured. Something clever you may not have noticed if it weren’t for global isolation.

Our esteemed judges will be looking for originality and the tell-tale spark. Tag us or email your pic. Give it some thought if you’d like, we’ve got 7 pairs* for 7 sparks. Or just go for it. Who knows, you may be the only one that day with a good spark to share.


#support socks

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*Made with Supima cotton, these babies are breathable, durable and astonishingly soft. Snappy for dress or casual: black with white dashes and a red crest. Exclusively made for us by a clever partner in North Carolina where “creating a beautiful pair of socks is equal parts art and science.” One size fits most.