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It's a Good Time to Observe Earth Day

Earth Day is coming and that’s pretty much our official anniversary. We were launched to great fanfare in April 2011 and today our business still revolves around a healthy planet. This is as good a time as any to observe the earth as best we can.

Earth Day 2020
Earthrise by Apollo 8

It’s also Earth Day’s 50th anniversary this year. Some say that the Apollo 8 crew's iconic shot “Earthrise” was a catalyst for the nascent environmental movement. For the first time we clearly saw the limits of our little, colorful planet against the infinite darkness of space. Sixteen months later on April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans mobilized to call for greater protections for our planet.

A Little Rain Observation Bonus

You're invited to observe Earth Day with us for fun and prizes. And it’s all for a good cause: You.

Between now and April 22, take note of some particular nice part of nature. Enjoy that. If you’d like to send us a photo of that, we’ll kindly send you a coupon for 25% off any of our outerwear.

Added bonus: We’re giving away 3 John 'earthy' Brown classic rain capes for the most amusing shots! Plus there's a pair of comfortable socks for Honorable Mention.*

As the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day approaches, let’s consider our recent events as the catalyst that galvanizes an unparalleled global collaboration. Send us your iconic shots. You'll retain all rights and personal benefits, of course.

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