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April Showers Rain Game

It may reassure you to know that April showers bring May flowers. It sure makes us happy. That’s despite increasing carbon emissions, warming oceans, changing climate conditions and what’s up with that Jet Stream. We prefer things to be simple and pleasant.

Besides, after setting a New England record for snowfall this winter, flowers sound really nice. It’s also our three-year anniversary this month (thanks for noticing Cool Hunting). We have a soft spot for April.

In honor of April, we’ve joined with the folks over at @Shell Oil to bring you the: Rain Game. Send us a pic of something in your world that says “rain.” Broad or narrow interpretations encouraged. Cleverness always appreciated. Best one (chosen by panel of Ocean State judges) wins a genuine Cleverhood. It’s the street cape for people who like livable cities. T-shirts for runners-up.

Hashtag: #MyRain

It’s easy to win! Plus you have the rest of April to get around to it.

One quick response already from Robin somewhere (who got a head start as one of our email subscribers):

Ha, ha Robin. Hope that’s not a poke at our friends at Shell.

Send your pics to us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter @Cleverhoods or email us at

Hashtag: #Myrain