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Join Us for America's Biggest Bike Party or Burble in Slithy Toves

The USA’s biggest bike party is coming up fast in New York City. You do not want to miss this – wherever you are.

The TD Five Boro Bike Tour is 32,000 people biking 40 easy miles through New York’s five boroughs on streets totally free of cars. It’s a surreal event.

You see, quite often the Brooklyn-Queens expressway has rich, thick traffic. It oozes in and out of Manhattan and over the bridges and thru the tunnels. People are drawn to it. Once you're in it, you are the traffic. That's us burbling in slithy toves.

But, instead on Sunday, May 4, there are no cars with engines burning gasoline. The BQE is one glorious bike path and everyone is singing and laughing their way to Staten Island and so happy that they’re not dirty traffic anymore!

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

Register immediately! It fills up in 24 or 48 hours! And stay in touch. It might rain.