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Connecting with: "Handmade and Built to Last"

We have a globally distributed customer base. As you can see here from our analysis, there’s a width swath of vegetation on this planet (global warming notwithstanding). Where there’s greenery, there’s rain, which gives you a broad sense of our customers’ locations.

However, lest you think we're marketing novices, we're pretty sure our sweet spot is here in the livable cities. For the first time in human history more people live in urban places than elsewhere. Fortunately, cities are getting smarter. They're using resources more efficiently and making strides to be nicer places to live. Combine the dots with the vegetation band and you've done our analysis for us.

Here you’ll see a sampling of Cleverhood’ers, many of whom live in vegetated areas. You’ll note their enthusiasm -- regardless of the promise of rain. We suspect that most of them are pluviophiles.

We’ve also noticed that there are lots of designers, architects, and other creatives using the ‘hood. We were hoping for more celebrities but, nevertheless, these folks give us lots of good feedback and local insights.

A significant number of customers happen to use a bike as transportation, at least some of the time. It’s clearly a growing trend in those livable cities.( It’s a pleasure to pedal past traffic and get to your destination with that peppy feeling.)

Turns out we’ve hit a nerve with pockets of foldable bike owners too – specifically Brommies. Conversations first popped up on a user group in Espana and then we spotted Julio con el Brompton en Pamplona. They’re an intriguing lot. It doesn’t appear that their Bromptons are simply bike choices, it’s more like a lifestyle decision.

The Brompton folding bike is: “handmade in England and built to last.” That’s a nice statement that clearly attracts passionate users. The Brompton Diarist is one example. There’s also the Brompton Bumble B  in London (Brommie birthplace), the catchy My Folding Bike Brompton in Germany the Unfolded Path  and Cycling in Heels, among many others everywhere. Clearly, there’s something special going on there.

We're very intrigued about these Brommie afficionados. So, we’re headed to the Brompton US Championships. This weekend, thanks to the spirit and generosity of Bicycle Space, we’ll be in Wash. DC with our handmade 'hoods and bundles of Brommies. We'll visit the British Embassy together, look for the best dressed together and see what makes these guys special. Of course, with any luck they accept us into the fold.