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Let’s Get Personal about Rainwear

Vogue characterized the Cleverhood as an “inventive cover-up” with transformative powers. It’s “a chic shroud” of mystery -- with special utilitarian features like weather-proofing and thumb-loops.

The Cleverhood attracts a certain set. Cleverhood people tend to be more attune to their environment, more artistic, resilient and probably more loveable (see here).

Now, we have a smart way for people, businesses, clubs, tour groups, hotels, you name it -- to make that Cleverhood all the more personal. Send us your art, your logo, your statement and we’ll have it carefully laser-etched into your ‘hood (don’t worry still waterproof!).

They're doing it at ecoRI. This unique initiative is devoted to educating the public about local environmental and social justice issues. They're offering the branded 'hood for fundraising efforts. Likewise, there's our John Brown style paired with Brown University, another Providence institution.

Your etch can go most anywhere on the 'hood. There’s a one time set-up charge and a very inexpensive price for each etching. For info or trials, simply email us: info @