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Men Who Wear Capes

Some are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing a mens cape. There could be two reasons for that. First, maybe they don’t understand capes. This garment has the elegantly simple form + function that men typically appreciate. It provides cover against the elements, hides your weapons, keeps your rucksack dry and your hands hidden. There’s real utility there that’s lost on some modern men.

Capes have been doing the job for a long time. “From nobility to the soldiers of the Roman Empire to the knights of the Middle Ages, the cape, for centuries, has embodied rank and exuded distinction,” says the House of Berluti, where offbeat classicism and technical virtuosity have been the keynotes since 1895.  They have respect for the cape.

More than cover, the cape sets the man apart. It amplifies his presence. It marks his exceptional character.

However, distinction is not for everyone. That could be the other reason for trepidation. Some guys have their own strict fashion code with tight boundaries. Some rather avoid the discomfort of the elements anyway. Nothing wrong with feeling comfy. No sir. Perhaps you might appreciate this intimate deodorant. We know there are modern men out there who appreciate the virtue of a cape. We’ve met them. All over the world there are men with a rain-or-shine attitude, a personal style and a spirit of adventure. Those guys dig the line of a carefully crafted Cleverhood and its hidden features.

We salute those who wear a mens cape. Way to go Daddio.