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It's Rain-or-Shine for the Legendary Newport Music Festivals

One of life’s many pleasures is a summer music festival. It’s our good fortune to be in the neighborhood of Fort Adams and the Newport Music Festivals.

Strategically surrounded by the striking Narragansett Bay, this 18th century landmark hosts two legendary festivals: Newport Folk and Newport Jazz. They’re the first and second longest-running modern music festivals in the US (some say the world), respectively. 

Lazing on that lawn in the warm sun, with sailboats beating across the sparkling bay, while sipping (slurping?) an iced Del’s Lemonade, is pretty much like heaven. Now add legendary artists synchronized to the scene and the effect is electric. Like back in 1965 when Bob “Mr Tamborine Man” Dylan plugged in that guitar to the shock of the acoustic faithful. Newport will wake you up.

One other important fact, Newport Folk and Jazz are rain-or-shine baby! That’s where we come in. It’s our distinct Rhode Island pleasure to be outfitting the Festival crew with our weather-proof Anorak shells, specially made for Newport Music – and Ocean State weather.

“Plan for rain and you’ll be pleasantly surprised” is our credo.


Interesting dilemma for you umbrella people out there. Official Festival policy states: “umbrellas are allowed in the venue and in seating areas, but must be closed and stored during sets so as not to obstruct the views of others.” Poor umbrellas. Do they work when they’re closed?

Never fear. In Rhode Island there is always hope and our world-famous rain capes! For 8 glorious rain-or-shine days (extended for COVID management) we’ll be at Folk and Jazz festivals in our homey tent with an array of rain wear and complimentary surprises.

Modern Transportation Bonus

One more thing that might surprise you. Up to 1,800 people ride bikes to Newport Folk Festival each day - that’s the highest percentage of bikes to any music festival in the US. We have Bike Newport to thank for that. Bike Newport is the best thing in town. In fact, the League of American Cyclists named Bike Newport the “Advocacy Organization of the Year for 2020” for the whole US.


Riding a bike to Newport Music is start of your heavenly experience. Gliding past traffic is not only joyful, but it also sends a good message to folks in car traffic. And when you get to Fort Adams and you’re greeted by Bike Newport, feel free to leave your bike for a tune-up. Thank them for their service and enjoy the show!