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There’s a Little Movie Theater Inside My Head: the Electric Rain Cape Experience

The Electric Rain Cape Experience is a testament to collaboration, creativity and craftsmanship. And we’re not talking about the Electric Houndstooth rain cape and it’s 10 special qualities. We’re referring to that talented team of Najeeb Tarazi and Michael Langan that brought this particular poncho to life.

We love a good collaboration. We rely on nearby garment workers, talented neighbors and lively neighborhoods. Langan and Tarazi hit our sweet spot. These two LA-based lads have New England roots and the creative sap that’s delivered some sweet fruits.

Langan is a RI School of Design grad with the little movie theater inside his head. “When an idea comes about, it usually starts in the form of words (say, "a man dancing with a car"). I then feed those words to the movie theater, and my brain plays back a completed film,” Langan told The Atlantic. His films are very clever: "I just do what my head tells me," he admits. Experimenting with light is just one of his specialities.

Najeeb Tarazi studied physics at Harvard. He’s been a technical director at Pixar Animation Studios. Perhaps you’ve seen Toy Story 3? That’s one of his collaborations. His first short documentary, Josey Builds a Bakery! is a really nice story about a small business guy, warm bread and a community he collaborated with. He travels the world and delivers a universality with his work.

We get by with a little help from our friends. We're very happy with what Langan, Tarazi and their team have created. They've nicely captured the vibe we were looking for. Hope you have a free minute to watch. Empty your mind and let us know what you think.