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The Amazing Ocean State Gift List

We’ve accidentally created the best gift list. Hyperbole may be cheap these days, but this list deserves to be on the top of the Best List list. The beauty of this list is its variety in terms of style, functionality and surprise. See for yourself.  “There’s a good idea,” you’ll say and you’ll be right!

We’re always on the lookout for cool stuff all over the world. But, purely by happenstance, everything here is a product of the smallest state of Rhode Island (or just over the border*). Most of these ideas germinated in our very own neighborhood of Providence – the Creative Capital. What a coincidence.

Ape + Bird

Ape & Bird is a two person crew stitching and making distinctive caps, wallets, backpacks and other things in Providence, Rhode Island. Everything you see here, as they like to say, is “not sweatshop shit.”

Scrimshaw Pottery

This is scrimshaw with a function. Art for your table. Every piece is hand-thrown on the potters wheel and hand-decorated -- by Ben Gaboury just over the Rhode Island border in neighboring Taunton, Massachusetts. This is contemporary, sturdy stoneware clay for modern life.


Champ Bags

He’s “one dude making things on one machine here in Providence, RI.” The things are bags. Sturdy, custom, hand-stitched bags and backpacks. They won’t last forever just years and years. More insights here on Instagram.

Giraffes + Robots

This is art that’s been designed to make people smile. It’s created by a biologist turned artist and the affect is positively infectious. Try it you’ll like it. There are paintings, prints and cards so you can share that feeling. It’s created in Rhode Island and available in English and Español.

Harrison + Pike

Sailboats in Newport are as prevalent and picturesque as tulips in Noordoostpolder. It’s the maritime tradition of this old town that inspires Harrison+Pike's nautical jewelry. It’s well made with top grade materials and hand-splicing techniques. Style, function and strength are nice Ocean State qualities. Rhode Island made.

Fox Point Pickles

Give someone you love these pickles over the holidays. They’re ideal for parties or intimate get-togethers. The big flavor will bring joy to their hearts. That’s the power of these pickles. Can’t we all use a good pickle about now? Made with love on professional pickling premises in Providence.

Pretty Snake

Pretty Snake was born in 2009 with the creation of the infamous Crazy Kitty Sweater and things got wild from there. The brand is the creation of fashion and textile designer Joseph Aaron Segal – of the Rhode Island School of Design and Project Runway fame. There’s something for all men, women and kids who appreciate a little audaciousness with their style.


Long Live Beer Works

Their mission is to create great beer and real ale for their neighbors in Providence. The tasting room is conveniently located next door to us on the West side of Providence. Growlers to go come in handy too. Mission accomplished we assure you.

J Schatz Studio

Working from their studio in Providence, Jim, Peter, and the team take inspired ideas and create ceramic ware that is molded, pierced, scratched, carved, drilled, glazed and fired into beautifully finished products. Everything is Wonder-Certified™, which is a huge plus when you're gift shopping.

Nest Homewear

Beautiful and functional cast iron cookware inspired by nature. Each handle captures the gesture of a branch from a cherry tree, abstracted into a form that's pleasing to the eyes and the hands. Made in Providence by another graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.

Rijck Leather

Rijck Leather uses traditional tools and techniques to make timeless items designed to be used for years. Everything is carefully hand-cut, hand-punched and hand-stitched with quality materials – and assembled by hand in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded by Alison Van Hemelrijck.

Popette of Pendulum

In Pawtucket, Popette of Pendulum is proving that pure is possible. Producing deliciously high-quality, all-natural hard candy from organic, natural, seasonal ingredients. Pop that into your mouth!

Studio Endo

Studio Endo is a magnificent design studio that optimizes natural materials to create distinctive furniture and lighting elements. They will transform your place. Miles Endo is the designer and craftsman with the passion for innovation. Another RISD graduate, coincidentally, and based in Providence. Watch this video to learn more about that Studio Endo passion.

That's not the entirely the endo. We do have other good Rhode Island gift recommendations. Maybe you do too? Don't be shy, spread the cheer. We all benefit from fresh ideas. Happy holidaying out there!