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Urban Adventure Guy’s Gift List

“Adventure is worthwhile.” ~ Aesop

Like Bear Grylls or Sir Ran Fiennes, Urban Adventure Guy thrives on adventure. He relies on his own resourcefulness. He pushes his limits. He's undaunted by weather. But it’s the urban landscapes that are his inhospitable jungles and unchartered territory.

Urban Adventure Guy is a man of simple tastes. He journey’s by bike, close to the action. He won’t eat squirrel or sleep in a Moose carcass. However, he can track down the best Dim Sum and has sheltered in a tiny room at the Jane Hotel. He has a nose for local brews, a taste for sharp design and an eye for the ladies.

What do you get an urban guy when “Adventure” is his middle name? Here’s the current list of Top 10 Things from this Urban Adventure Guy. And if you’ve got something to add, let him know.


1. Range Kitchen Thermometer

The Range is a kitchen thermometer with a futuristic twist, it connects to your iphone, making it easy to know that chicken is just right.  The Range has two models, featuring different colored rubber hooks, one long model and one shorter.  They can handle the heat of the oven no problem so there is nothing to worry about, aside from making a decent meal of course.



2. The Portland Press

A terrific US made product coming out of Portland, Oregon.  The Portland Press isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but it sure as hell makes it a lot cooler.  Hand made in Portland all with US components it puts a new and elegant spin on the classic strainer; using a wooden lid and an Oregon wool cozie, you will never look so good making your coffee.  While in preorder now it will be shipping come December.



3.  Green Guru "Spinner" Backpack

As Cleverhood’s resident adventurer, a quality, dependable backpack is a must have.  Enter Green Guru, a company we at Cleverhood love.  Their Spinner backpack has gone everywhere with me.  It has a large main pocket with a laptop sleeve, as well as a smaller compartmentalized front pocket.  The black body of the pack is accented with green stitching and reflective trim.  The greatest aspect of this pack—it is made of completely recycled and upcycled materials.  However, don’t count on fixing a flat with the upcycled bike tubes, trust me, it doesn’t work.



4. Field Notes

For all of you note takers, sketch artists, or anyone who simply enjoys the feeling of pen on paper, Field Notes are for you.  Following along the lines of Moleskine and other notepads. Field Notes brings you a wonderfully simple, staple bound notebook.  Insanely durable (I accidentally put one through the wash once and still was able to use it) and available in a wide array of colors and designs, a set of these are perfect for anyone on the go with a pen in their hand.

Original 3 pack $9.95


5.  Powertrekk Cell Charger

Coming hot out of Sweden is the coolest phone charger I have ever seen, the Powertrekk fuel cell charger.  Using hydrogen fuel cells to convert water into electricity this charger is ideal for any outdoor enthusiasts who need to keep a charge when they’re on the go and can spare some H20.  Now, I don’t know about you, but due to my lack of science-based knowledge, I’m simply chalking this device up to magic.


6.  Wood Grain Iphone Case 

Crappy phone cases always seem to look cool and the good ones never do.  Then I stumbled upon Grove’s beautiful handmade, wooded cases from Portland, Oregon.  As if a natural wood grain case wasn’t awesome enough, they also offer to custom print a photo of your choice directly on the case.



7.  Leather Bike Frame Straps

Whether you’re a wino, a yogi, or possibly both this strap system has got you covered.  Perfect size to hold your standard 1 liter bottle, or yoga mat you won’t have to worry about riding around with one hand ever again.  Oh, and if you happen to be the wino, I’d recommend reading on to the helmet description a few down.



8.  Buckshot Wireless Speaker

In this world of headphones and ipods there simply isn’t a place for the guy on rollerblades blasting music from the massive boombox on his shoulder anymore, or so you would think.  Outdoor Technology’s compact and rugged Buckshot speaker cuts down the size of the speakers, but packs a punch.  Connectable through Bluetooth, you will have no problem playing your tunes for all to hear.  My favorite feature? The built in mount for my handlebars, making my morning commute just a little more groovy.



9.  Sahn Helmets 

The first helmet I ever remember owning was this monstrosity of plastic and foam that was far too large for my head.  As if the size wasn’t annoying enough, the horrific, detailed image of a bloodthirsty goblin on top really made me hate that helmet.  Fast forward a decade or two and enters Sahn Helmets.  I absolutely love these!  They are sleek, come in great colors and most importantly won’t give me nightmares about goblins.



10.  Pewter Flask 

This flask from NYC company Best Made is perfect for anyone you may know who just isn’t satisfied with the capacity of your standard flask.  This 8 ounce, pewter beauty, emblazoned with the words “Stay Sharp” is destined to keep you anything but.  The flask is accompanied by a very clean waxed canvas case, perfect for taking it with you on any adventure.