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Summer Travel Essentials

Now Where Are You Going?

What a great time to get away. And it’s easy to get there. Whether you're going solo or in a pack, you have many exciting travel options this summer holiday season. 
“I love to travel,” said Albert Einstein, the man who introduced us to space-time fabric, “but hate to arrive.” He’s a noted cyclist and steamer passenger. He probably liked the tram too. Of course, nothing beats a good walk for revealing the local mysteries. Getting there is half the fun.
Time is a river. This is the perfect time to get out. Have fun, smell some petrichor, laugh with the birds. Take an exotic journey. Get a hat. Paddle the rapids. And you know what? Maybe it will rain. So what!  Bring along one of our fan favorite items, our Rover Rain Cape!
We’re rainy day travel specialists. Moms, dads and kids pack our rain gear for travel. Our rain capes for kids help keep the whole family dancing in the rain. From Tokyo to the Tuileries, the Inner Hebrides to the Outer Banks, people are using our rain capes and rain jackets as important travel insurance.
We get around because our Cleverhood rain gear is durable, lightweight and reliable. Wired Magazine says we have the Best Rain Jacket for Biking, for 3 years running. We pay attention to the details….