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The Vagaries

Spring is here and, as you may know, it’s a miraculous experience. It’s really the perfect season — theoretically. You can’t beat that warm nonchalancey feeling, until the wind whips up and the clouds roll in. Our data analysis shows that people can lose up to 60% of that carefree feeling if they’re improperly prepared for the the vagaries of Spring.

Some Days Are Dark and Dreary: Deal with It

There’s rain in the forecast. Longfellow can back us up: “Thy fate is the common fate of all, into each life some rain must fall.” But there’s hope. Be still sad heart! Cease repining, there are rain capes and jackets that offer respite from unnecessary misery. Made with an attention to detail, they offer a terrific way to experience an otherwise dark and dreary day. Out of practice? Please consult “How to Walk in the Rain.”

Exhibit A: Electric Rain Cape Experience

See that woman above holding the vestiges of an umbrella with a big smile on her face? Sadly, no you don't. It doesn't have to be that way. A clever poncho, or rain cape, could've altered her experience and raised her total consciousness to something more pleasant. And that would've affected her subsequent relationships with friends, lovers and strangers that day. It's simple. And it would've covered all her bags, too.

Positive vibes and transcendental experiences are nice. But how does it work? Join us here on the Electric Rain Cape experience with your beginner's mind. We'll explore a classic electric. You'll note the optimized hood, the magnetic armholes, the zippers, the elastic thumb loops, the essence of an 'electric' cape. The reflective thread is cosmic.

Exhibit B: Cool Breeze

Here’s something from our Design Lab for a chilly day. This La Capa open cape offers a distinctive alternative to the usual jacket. Made with an Italian wool blend it’s a nicely textured waffle-knit. It features a sharp magnetic closure and hidden back straps for carrying when the day warms up.

You might consider this a worthy street cape for the vagaries.

Enjoy your springtime flourishes my friend. It's a time of rejuvenation.