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Presenting the CleverHoody: A Motor City Collaboration

You may’ve noticed our latest creation. Although it’s not rain-ready, it is soft and warm. And it is a cape. A street cape for the seasonals that fits nicely over a sweater, or even scant nothings in self-isolating comfort. Versatile and considerate, the new CleverHoody is here for the modern times. 

Cleverhoody street cape

This is no ordinary hoodie. This CleverHoody cape is the result of a fortunate collaboration with the talented folks at Detroit's Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center.

Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center in Detroit

The Industrial Sewing and Innovation Center (ISAIC), is a non-profit that’s helping to rebuild a domestic workforce in the sewn trades. This is a smart team in the Motor City that’s advancing innovation in sustainable apparel manufacturing. While ensuring fair wages and equitable treatment. We’re psyched to be working with them.

ISAIC has a commitment to re-shoring and workforce development with training in traditional and emerging technologies. ISAIC plans to be a part of the recentralization of clothing manufacturing in the country. US apparel companies produce only 3% of the clothes bought in the country. The remainder is created elsewhere and imported.

ISAIC’s curriculum is unique: Through 200 hours of training, students are exposed to equipment, vocabulary, fabric, stitching, and techniques. There's training with robotic systems. Upon completion, students advance to the learning factory, where apprentices receive on-the-job training while working in a well-paying job.

“We hope that purchasing the new CleverHoody feels as good as the soft fleece fabric from which it’s constructed because the garment is making a difference in the lives of those who made it.”

Jen Guarino, CEO of ISAIC

The CleverHoody is made of fleece fabric expertly cut, sewn and hemmed. It features a soft interior kangaroo pocket and a comfortable hood with a Herringbone Twill drawstring. It's unisex and comes in four dashing colors.

Getting some time out in nature is good for you. You can do that in a Cleverhoody. Quiet cocooning is nice sometimes too. Cleverhoody is there for you. It's a fresh alternative to the usual things.