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Big Dog Sale Information

One good thing to know about dogs: they’re not people. You can talk to them and give them a name like a baby. You can play and share little stories when you’re alone. Some dogs are funny, some are good tricksters, that keeps you on your toes. Granted, there are wet tongues, obvious wiggling and serious petting. But don’t be blinded by love. 

Dogs aren’t people. So, don’t try to put them into people’s clothes.

Consider the story of Louise living in a comfortable pied-à-terre in the centre of Paris with Fabrice. It’s a rainy winter evening in the City of Lights. They cuddle. But Fabrice grows restless and insists they go out. Parisian nightlife awaits. But does Fabrice take an umbrella or don a trench coat. No, he’s a discerning bulldog. He wears an Electric Houndstooth rain cape, exclusively for dogs.

Dog Sweater

Lake Shore Drive on a bright, sunny winter day, bitterly cold. Bill Murray and Charlotte keeping it real. Out for a brisk walk. Bill wears an old parka while Charlotte, his long-time companion, is stylish as always. She’s wearing a handmade wool sweater designed for good girls.

Salty Pup dog collar

A Rhode Island couple, with a sturdy sailing dinghy, ply the waters of Narragansett Bay in search of adventure and quahogs. With Sam on the tiller and Suzy standing watch at the prow, the Shakusky's glide into the harbor. They leave little wake, but quite an impression. Suzy is shipshape in her Salty Pup nautical collar. Sam's matching bracelet anchors their relationship.

Come to think of, all of our dog wear is made in Rhode Island and nearby Fall River. It's not for people and it's all on sale for the holidays!

Your dog may not be shopping for you this season. But you know she'll be thinking about you. And your holiday home cooking.