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What is it about Bromptons?

What is it about Brompton bikes? The people who have them seem so happy about that fact. They generate an inordinate amount of enthusiasm. Instagram is stuffed with beaming Brompton owners all over the world. Google “fun adventures” in any language and you’ll bump into a blog about a Brompton (or a blog about Brompton blogs). It's uncanny to see them treat the morning commute with that attitude.

portable bike

Of course a Brompton is a foldable bike. But, that’s just one of it’s distinguishing characteristics. If you haven’t ridden one, you may assume that the Brompton designers compromised performance for the convenience of a bike you can carry like a briefcase. You’d be mistaken. Another key feature of the Brompton is it’s delightful rideability.

brompton travels

It’s an iconic brand. The Brompton bicycle has been called the Rolex Watch, the VW Beetle, even the steamy McDonald’s hamburger of the folding bike world. The point is, the Brompton folks have created a universal user-experience that's reliable, fun and delicious. It started in England in the ’70’s and has spread from Adelaide to Zibo.

Brompton travels

It’s hard to say whether Bromptons make people smarter, more adventurous, or curiouser, but our evidence points in that direction. We meet a lot of Brompton people. They have a good rain-or-shine approach to things, too. We get a lot of pics of them smiling in the rain — outfitted in a familiar rain cape from Providence.

Brompton travels

Here are two Torontonians with foldable Brompton bikes traveling the world, with a keen eye for culture and adventure. They’re “Bromptoning.” Their recent posts are charming and informative. Right up our alley: Six Benefits of Cycling in a Rain Cape and the clever 'umbrella for your legs' line.

We like to think we all share a nice appreciation for style+performance.

If a Cleverhood were a bike we'd like to think (hope) it'd be a Brompton. We're foldable. We’re good for commuting, socializing, and escaping, too, in the rain. Or despite the rain. Either way we’re ready for fun and adventure. And we do make people smarter, maybe!