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Bike to Work to Happiness

We’re wrapping up Bike Month in Dumbo. That may sound goofy to you but that’s Down Under the Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side. It’s a hot spot for the infamous Bike-to-Work party by NYC’s Transportation Alternatives. There were will be Brooklyn beer. Plus the unique cycling items with the fashion quotient you’d expect in the Big Apple.

Bike Month is a national campaign to showcase the benefits of bicycling — and encourage people to give it a try. It was started in 1956. There probably wasn’t a big push on bike commuting then. But in this century cities are more attuned to the value of people on bikes. Since 2000, bike commuting has gone up over 60%. The Bike-to-Work party is just the cherry on the top of the fat-free sundae. Enjoy all you’d like.

There’s strength in numbers. With city bike-share options, more bike lanes, smart policies and terrific activists things are changing for the good. More people on bikes make traffic fun -- and safer. According to the CEO of Standford University's Calming Technology Lab, people on bikes enjoy less stress than people in cars. There’s a good chance that they’re happier too.

Fashion is keeping pace with the urban bike movement. Riding to work isn't necessarily the Spandex experience. Essentially, it's a matter of being comfortable, looking good and ready for work. Last month's Silicon Valley Fashion Show highlighted bike commuter style courtesy of the folks at BetaBrand, in addition to 3-D printed bras and drones.

Once you get used to the freedom of cycling to work, it's hard to give it up. Inevitably and fortunately, there will be rainy days. That's where your Cleverhood rain cape comes in handy. Simple, breathable and bike-ready -- with style. We're kinda popular with NYC commuters and other livable cities around the world. In fact, next week we're off to Velo-City 2015 in France. It's all about urban cycling and the remarkable affects of bikes on city life. We're looking forward to a little rain.

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