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Summer Travel Essentials

Now Where Are You Going?

What a great time to get away. And it’s easy to get there. Whether you're going solo or in a pack, you have many exciting travel options this summer holiday season. 

“I love to travel,” said Albert Einstein, the man who introduced us to space-time fabric, “but hate to arrive.” He’s a noted cyclist and steamer passenger. He probably liked the tram too. Of course, nothing beats a good walk for revealing the local mysteries. Getting there is half the fun.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

The ONLY Rain Gear you will ever need.

Don't like zippers that snag, Check. Don't like hoods that fall off your head, Check. Don't like your butt wet, Check. It's pretty simple, the Anorak takes care of all things we all don't like about rain gear and then makes all the things we like even better. Did my research, took the Anorak on a trip to Iceland, crazy weather originated in Iceland they probably can license it. Our Anoraks conquered everything thrown at us with flying colors. The actual color choices are also pretty awesome. If you are on this site browsing then look no further, get yours and I promise you that you will be comfortable, look great and most importantly, STAY DRY!

-Russel L

Travel Companion

Traveled to Zurich & Vienna recently with the Urbanaut in tow due to rain in the forecast. The cape stood up to downpours and windy conditions while keeping me dry and cozy. I was impressed by the cape's weight, material, and windblocking ability. It certainly feels like a modern version of a Ashoka's cape. Also appreciate that it covers my personal bag from prying eyes. Definitely an upgrade from a typical rain jacket. What an amazing product and design!

-Tim F.

Cleverhood Around The World